Прокат горных лыж и сноубордов; у самого подножия горы

Мы находимся недалеко от канатной дороги в Виго-ди-Фасса и в 50 м от подъемника в Поцца-ди-Фасса.
Мы предлагаем вам консультацию специалиста при выборе оборудования!

Special guest Alpen Hotel Corona: 10% for ski and boot rental at "Sport-Edy / Rent and go"

RENT AND GO - SPORT YOURSELF.Our aim for the new generation is to increase the service range on sports. Sports, such as skiing, require pricey equipment which needs to be updated on a regular basis. By simply renting equipment you can get the best possible price achievement of sport products.
A versatile sportsman has the chance to perform any kind of sport with the top range equipment. We guarantee for quality, innovation, security, precision, reliability, friendliness and a good service.

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