Relaxing massage? It’s just the beginning…

Relaxing massage? It’s just the beginning…

On holiday in the Dolomites in Val di Fassa, guests at the Alpen Hotel Corona can leave it to the expert hands of the hotel's masseurs and beauticians to administer revitalizing and relaxing treatments for body, mind and spirit, thanks to innovative techniques.

Ask our beauty experts for tips or further information!

You can choose from:

  • Sport massages;
  • Therapeutic anti-stress massages;
  • Health and beauty treatments;
  • Male skin treatments.
  • Solarium for body tanning and tri-facial for face.
  • Whirlpool tubs with vitalized water (Grander), for gentle and pleasant underwater massages.


Guests at the 4-star hotel in Trentino recommend trying a myofascial massage a massage technique which deeply works the muscle fascia and  structural aponeurosis, that is the resisting connecting tissues, covering the muscular bellies, connecting one to the other allowing them to move freely…

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